The Fastest Growing Businesses in Pakistan

Pakistan’s economy is rapidly evolving and expanding. Several industries are experiencing high growth as a result of favorable demographics, increasing demand, foreign investments, and supportive government policies. If you’re looking for promising business opportunities in Pakistan, the sectors discussed below show strong potential for future growth and returns on investment.


E-commerce is one of the fastest growing businesses in Pakistan with exponential growth in recent years. Several factors are driving this growth:

Increasing Internet Penetration

Internet penetration in Pakistan has risen significantly, creating a larger addressable market for online retailers. The e-commerce industry is projected to grow in tandem with increasing internet access.

Smartphone Adoption

Widespread smartphone usage makes e-commerce more convenient for Pakistani consumers to shop anytime, anywhere. Online shopping apps are also rising in popularity.

Digital Payments

Advancements in digital payment options through banks, mobile wallets and cash-on-delivery give consumers secure online payment methods and improve trust.

Attractive Demographics

Around 63% of Pakistan’s population is under the age of 30. The younger generation is more tech-savvy and eager to shop online.

Foreign players like Daraz and domestic ventures like Yayvo are capitalizing on this e-commerce boom. Experts predict the industry will grow to $7 billion by 2023.

Information Technology

Pakistan’s IT industry has expanded substantially with companies providing software development, IT support, hosting, domain registration and related technology services. Key growth drivers include:


A large skilled freelance workforce provides website development, mobile app creation, software testing, data analytics, online tutoring and other IT services to international clients.


Many IT graduates are founding their own startups focused on e-commerce, financial technology, healthcare IT, animation, AI/ML etc. Several are attracting investments.


Global companies are outsourcing IT functions like application development, cloud services and call center operations to Pakistan given the affordable English-speaking workforce.

PSEB projects IT exports from Pakistan to reach $5 billion by 2023. The industry presents major opportunities for both local and foreign players.


Pakistan’s education sector is experiencing a surge in demand fueled by a large young population and increased awareness of quality education’s impact.


New K-12 schools following international curriculums are expanding in major cities catering to higher-income families. Low-cost private schools are also growing rapidly.


Local and foreign universities are setting up new campuses to meet enrolment demand. Niche tech universities focusing on skills-based learning are also gaining popularity.

Online Education

Edtech startups like Sabaq, Taleemabad and Mawdo are emerging to provide online learning solutions. Their affordable and accessible e-learning platforms are seeing quick adoption.

With over 60% of Pakistan’s population under 25, education sector investments have strong upside potential as enrollment rates continue rising.


Healthcare is a top priority for Pakistan’s growing population. Increased spending power of the middle class and more health awareness is resulting in higher demand for quality healthcare.


Large hospital chains are expanding their nationwide networks. Customized services like boutique and corporate hospitals are also growing in metro cities.


Diagnostic labs offering specialized lab tests and scans are mushrooming across Pakistan to meet demand. Both local startups and international chains are capitalizing on this.


Rising preference for prescription drugs versus self-medication is benefiting domestic and multinational pharmaceutical companies operating in Pakistan.

Healthcare spending is projected to grow from $19.3 billion in 2018 to $29 billion by 2023 as Pakistan’s population crosses 250 million.

Key Takeaways

  • E-commerce, IT, education and healthcare are among the fastest-growing sectors in Pakistan.
  • Growing internet access, digital payments, attractive demographics and foreign investments are propelling e-commerce growth.
  • IT is thriving due to freelancing, promising startups and outsourcing opportunities.
  • Surging enrollment demand with a large young population is driving education sector growth.
  • Increased healthcare awareness and spending power is increasing demand for hospitals, diagnostics and pharmaceuticals.

These fast-expanding industries present lucrative opportunities for starting new ventures or investing in existing ones. Conduct thorough market research, make smart investments and take advantage of these high-potential sectors in Pakistan.

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