How to Be Elegant and Classy Every Day

Exuding elegance and class on a daily basis is very achievable with some simple pointers. With refinement and grace in your appearance, manners, and speech, you can feel polished and sophisticated each day. Follow these tips to add an air of elegance into your regular life.

Mind Your Appearance

Your physical appearance greatly impacts how elegant you look and feel. Work on:

Carrying Yourself With Grace

  • Stand and sit with good posture. Pull shoulders back.
  • Walk slowly and smoothly with your head held high.
  • Avoid fidgeting or nervous gestures like nail-biting.
  • Move purposefully and calmly rather than frantically.

Dressing Refined

  • Stick to classical styles, neutral colors, and quality fabrics like wool and cashmere.
  • Ensure clothes are tailored, wrinkle-free, and not overly revealing.
  • Accessorize with silk scarves, pearls, and other polished touches.
  • Wear light makeup focused on enhancing natural features.
  • Style hair neatly and classically, avoiding extreme styles.
  • Spritz on a subtle, floral perfume.

Maintaining Good Grooming

  • Shower daily and use moisturizing skin/hair products.
  • Keep nails neatly trimmed and filed into classic shapes.
  • Carry yourself so clothing appears crisp and fresh.
  • Schedule regular haircuts and dental cleanings.

Mind Your Manners

Carrying yourself elegantly also means exhibiting impeccable manners. Areas to focus on include:

Polite Communication

  • Use please, thank you, and excuse me abundantly.
  • Avoid profanity, sarcasm, gossip, and raising your voice.
  • Wait your turn patiently to speak rather than interrupting others.
  • Make eye contact when conversing and listening attentively.

Gracious Gestures

  • Open doors for others when you can.
  • Offer your seat to elderly passengers on public transit.
  • Avoid chewing gum, tobacco use, or uncouth language.
  • Provide assistance or hospitality to guests in your home.

Proper Dining Etiquette

  • Use utensils properly without clanking.
  • Take small, graceful bites and don’t talk with your mouth full.
  • Unfold napkins neatly onto your lap.
  • Avoid picking teeth at the table.

Minding these etiquette details makes refinement second nature.

Speak Eloquently

Beyond your physicality, how you speak also impacts your level of elegance. Work on:

Expanding Your Vocabulary

  • Read often to boost your vocabulary over time.
  • Use a dictionary or thesaurus to find more precise words.
  • Avoid filler words like “um”, “uh”, “like”, etc.
  • Know proper pronunciations for uncommon words you use.

Modulating Your Voice

  • Speak slowly, clearly, and confidently.
  • Alter tone and volume appropriately rather than monotone.
  • Reduce usage of uptalk and vocal fry.
  • Record yourself periodically to improve speech patterns.

Choosing Refined Phrases

  • Avoid crude, offensive, or blunt language.
  • Use courteous expressions like “If you don’t mind…”
  • Say “pardon me” rather than “huh?” if you miss something.
  • Replace phrases like “no problem” with “my pleasure.”

Making an effort to speak articulately creates an instantly elegant impression.

Exhibit Poise and Grace

Beyond your physical self, embodying elegance requires cultivating poise, dignity, and gracefulness in how you carry yourself. Strategies include:

Staying Calm Under Pressure

  • Take deep breaths when frustrated. Pause before responding.
  • Speak gently rather than raising your voice when upset.
  • Avoid visceral reactions; maintain composure.

Being Confident

  • Focus on positive aspects of yourself rather than complains or criticisms.
  • Sit and stand tall rather than slouching.
  • Make steady eye contact when conversing.

Practicing Good Posture

  • Imagine a string pulling up the crown of your head.
  • Align ears over shoulders, shoulders over hips.
  • Engage core muscles and avoid slumping.

Moving Fluidly

  • Take natural, gliding steps rather than shuffling or stomping.
  • Allow arms to swing gently at your sides when walking.
  • Turn head smoothly rather than jerking motions.


With concerted effort towards elevating your appearance, manners, speech, and demeanor, a sense of elegance and class can become part of your daily lifestyle. As these graceful behaviors become habits, you’ll move through life with natural sophistication and refinement. Soon enough, elegance comes effortlessly.

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